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Do you want a few hours of vacation, relaxing and disconnecting or having fun with family and friends?

Well, we say that Therme Bucharest is the perfect place for an exotic holiday, without visa or passport, with no endless flight hours and  bulky luggage.

Situated in the northern area of ​​the capital, in Balotesti, Therme Bucharest is currently the largest wellness and entertainment center in Europe, open all year. 

At Therme, the water has a perfect temperature of 33 °C, and the air temperature is at a steady 29-30 °C.

This centre brings together the wonders of nature and the convenience of modern living  in an exceptional setup.

Thus, they created the largest botanical garden in Romania, which boasts over 800 000 plants, including 500 palm trees and many others unique species.

The inside shelters the greatest palm forest in Europe – 500 palm trees, which awaited more than 700 days, in 6 countries, until they arrive here, in Romania.

The thermal waters from Therme have unique effects. Rich in salts, they are brought to the surface from a depth of more than 3,100 meters, where industrial pollution has not reached.

Theirs entertainment facilities stand apart as a premiere in Romania, making Therme the perfect
place to bring the entire family for fun and recreation.

Stop at the restaurant next to the pool to continue the fun. Choose goodies from all four seasons, pamper yourself with ice cream, or cool off at Vitamin Bar with a fresh juice.

If you choose to go to Therme Bucuresti and you need accommodation, Phoenicia Grand Hotel offers you special prices.

If you access www.therme.ro you can get more information about Therme Bucharest.

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