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Phoenicia Grand Hotel team is young and passionate about what it does. Our employees understand the best the notion of hospitality and their everyday worry is that your stay with us will be up to your standards.

Each of them will give you joy and give their full interest so that you can be sure that you've chosen the best holiday.

It was not easy, and we had to take time for each of them to understand and apply our culture.

Because we have aroused your curiosity, we invite you to know part of them.

Brânduşa Itu Sales Manager

"Do not give up on your wishes! Where there is LOVE AND INSPIRATION, I don’t think zou can go wrong.’’ - Ella Jane Fitzgerald


 Love for what you do and the inspiration to offer a pleasant experience to every guest who crosses our  threshold.

Marian Crivoi IT & C Manager

When you say IT people think of a rigid job and mechanics. Cables, wires, appliances, more buttons, programming, settings...give us headaches in everyday life, right? What could be so difficult?

Ana Maria Voinea General Manager

Dear Friends!

On behalf of the entire Phoenicia Grand Hotel team, allow me to Welcome you in our comfortable hotel!

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