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Restaurants Phoenicia Grand Hotel

Our restaurants offer a variety of dishes from various cuisines: International, Lebanese, Italian and Romanian, which are carefully prepared and served in a unique style.

Whether you want to dine with friends or business partners or you want to enjoy a romantic dinner, Phoenicia Grand Hotel offers a you the possibility to choose from one of three different restaurants:

Zarada Restaurant  - International Cuisine

Colosseum Restaurant - International Cuisine
Saidoun Restaurant - Lebanese Cuisine
Phoenicia Grand Hotel's restaurants - Colosseum, and Saidoun - combine traditional and modern - having an interior and an exterior that can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. Our chefs imagination has no limits and will never cease to amaze you with their delicacies!

High quality services, elegant restaurants, and the courtesy of our staff will indulge you and will make you feel special.

Also, you can enjoy the taste of a flavored coffee in the Lobby Bar.

We wish you a delicious dining experience !

Phoenicia Grand Hotel writes a new story. Like any other story, this one has a name too. It's name is Zarada and it is about a very special place. A restaurant which we, the authors of the story, conceived like a state of mind, because we started from the idea that food creates memories.

Saidoun restaurant gives you the flavor and taste of Lebanese cuisine in a stylish ambience. Service is prompt and attentive, and the lebanese decor blends with modern elements.

It is ideal for the first meal of the day.

Restaurant Colosseum is where you can enjoy a rich breakfast or a cup of an aromatic coffee or a refreshing juice.

Believe us, it's the best breakfast in town!

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