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Misty Club

Fun must be a part of our lives. It contributes to our positive mood and at creating beautiful and unique moments.

With an original and exclusive design, Misty Club promises memorable parties and spectacular events.

Designed to satisfy even the most demanding guests, it is the perfect place to socialize and take part in the most successful private parties.

When you visit us, our goal is to surprise you with good mood, comfort and quality.

Open only for private parties.

Misty Club is located at Level -1 at the Phoenicia Grand Hotel.

Do not hesitate to try Misty Club and add some fun in your life. We are sure that once you go Misty Club, you'll never search for another venue for your private parties!

For details and reservations, please contact us at:

Mobile: +40 741 205 404

            + 40 741 097 072


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