10000 beds

Phoenicia Hotels - considered to be one of the largest hotel chains in Romania

With experience in hospitality for over 20 years, currently covering two of the most popular tourist segments: the business - for transit and leisure - for fun and holiday.

Complete range of tourist services and various offers

More than 10 hotels and residential properties in the portfolio are classified 3, 4 and 5 stars. With a large capacity of accommodation, Phoenicia Hotels is the largest private company by number of beds in Romania, over 10,000. So we can accommodate large numbers of guests, different categories such as families with children, adults only, groups, camps, youth eager for fun, etc. We surprise you every day with favorable offers from which you can choose.

Hotels, buildings and residential properties in Bucharest

Addressed to people who choose to visit either the capital or business men both locally and abroad, they are always the best choice. With almost 2,500 beds, generous space and equipped according to international standards, and 2,000 seats in restaurants and bars where chefs invite you on exquisite culinary trips.

Hotels - Black Sea

A veritable landmarks for Romanian tourists, but also for the foreigners, in Mamaia, Jupiter and Olympus. The six hotels for summer vacation sea offer many opportunities for fun, and relaxation, preferences and requirements covering such a broad categories of guests. Beaches and sunny, comfortable and luxurious accommodations, leisure possibilities, and plenty of tourist attractions in the Dobrogea region that you can visit, make your stay at any of our hotels to be more attractive.

With a capacity of over 3,500 beds and over 3000 seats in the restaurant, terraces and bars, our seaside hotels have become favorite destinations for thousands of families every year.

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