Events in Bucharest

Bucharest is a vibrant city that never sleeps. Never mind that it's any given day during the week or weekend we are talking about. Here, any day is celebrated and brings in the public attention events for all ages.

In the next period, Romania's capital will host the following events for both of locals, but also for those who chose Bucharest as their holiday destination .



1. National medical tourism conference in Romania

During November 3-5, 2017, Phoenicia Grand Hotel becomes the host of an event of great importance for the medical field in Romania.

This is the National Medical Tourism Conference in Romania, the first major event in the field of medical tourism, organized by the International Health Tourism Organization, in partnership with the Just Life Association.

The purpose of this event is to create the necessary framework for patients to be able to identify the best possible medical services at affordable costs by providing a platform where suppliers in the country and abroad can promote their treatment offer. At the same time, top Romanian healthcare providers with a high cost-quality relationship can promote their medical packages to patients abroad.

The conference will be held over three days and includes a series of workshops on various topics in the medical field. The conference will be attended by health care providers and professionals from Romania, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel, USA, Cuba, medical professionals associations, patients associations, tourism service providers, media as well as and high-level representatives of the authorities in the country and abroad.

More about the event:

2. Multidisciplinary approach in dermatology

The Romanian Society of Dermatology has chosen Phoenicia Grand Hotel as the host of the first edition of the Forum on "The Multidisciplinary Approach to Dermatology", held on October 28, 2017.

The Forum aims at a academic board and academic framework that offers multiple opportunities and active participation in conferences, round tables, free presentations and posters. Discussion framework will be interdisciplinary, with this first edition being attended by pediatricians, allergologists, gynecologists.

Event attendance fee: 150 lei

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What: Concert THE LONG GOODBYE TOUR “Deep Purple”
When: 13 November 2017
Where: Romexpo, ora 20.00
Tickets: Back seats – 350 lei
Golden Ring – 270 lei
Gazon A – 190 lei
Gazon B – 130 lei 
Event details:  One of the most iconic rock bands, Deep Purple, a concert promotion of the 20th studio album, "Infinite", the launch is scheduled for April 7, 2017. The band has already started promoting this material with the song "Time for Bedlam 'it with a progressive melodic line, a little different from other creations launched in recent years.

When: 13-14 October 2017, at 18.00
Where: Arenele Romane
Tickets:  135 lei
Event details: For lovers of rock music, will be held this year the seven edition with international artists from the world of rock / metal such as Kamelot, Moonspell, Annihilator, Dark Tranquil, W.A.S.P. , Tristania, Samel, Epica, Unleashed, My Dying Bride, but as Maximum Rock Festival did not neglect ever local industry will be invited and bands among which mention GOD, E-an-na, Tiarra, Hteththemeth, White Walls and many others .

When: 2-24st of September 2017
Where: Sala Palatului/ Ateneul Roman
Tickets: Type  A Subscription – Big Orchestras
Category I – 2800 lei
Category II – 2200 lei
Category III – 1700 lei
Category IV – 1200 lei
Category Pensioners – 900 lei
TIP B Subscription – Recitaluri si Concerte Camerale 
Category I - 2700 lei
Category II - 2100 lei
TIP C Subscription – Midnight Concerts 
Category I - 1600
Category II - 1200
TIP D Subscriptions- 21st Century music 
Category I - 300
Category II - 200
Event details: So well known worldwide, the International Festival of classical music George Enescu bring public attention in the 23rd edition, a new concept is based on the play of light that will allow viewers to discover a different perspective and vision already works so well known.

When: 8-10 September 2017
Where: Uranus Garden
In advance – 80 lei
Event details:  Unlike other musical events, BALKANIKA Festival will see the welcoming atmosphere completely different, full of charm and warmth even in the middle of the city. Let yourself be carried away on rhythmic music, while you can enjoy plenty of other activities during the day, these include craft fairs, creative workshops and artistic demonstrations, countless exhibitions of sculpture, photography and painting. Well trained artists will delight with circus, dance and fire games, and will be arranged for you and sitting areas decorated in typical Balkan style.

What: SUMMER WELL 2017
When: 12-13 August 2017, beginning at  15.00
Where: Domeniul Stirbey, Buftea
Event details: One of the most anticipated festivals of the summer by young people and not only will bring 2017 Summer Well this year the hottest international bands. The atmosphere will be one holiday, event participants being able to relax with friends lying on the grass while they listen to songs suitable for sunny days that you will think of the freedom, fun and sun in a beautiful landscape!

When: 11-13 august 2017
Where: Bucuresti
Tickets:   In advance - 200 lei  
Event details: The first edition in Romania, Fantastic Summer convert all major areas of Bucharest locations created especially for you full of light, color, positive energy and good music. In the 4-day festival will EDM music, house, techno, drum & base, pop, dance and rock and together we can help Bucharest to win the 2021 title "European Capital of Culture".

When: 1-2 July  2017, at 00.00
Where: Arenele Romane
Tickets: General Access – 60 lei
Vip – 90 lei
Event details: Capital Shine Festival has enjoyed the presence of over 8,000 spectators in the last edition in Bucharest! In 2015 he won the 'Best Alternative Festival "at Metalhead Awards. And this year, Shine has proposed to surpass any expectations and make a great atmosphere!

When: 29 June 2017
Where: Arenele Romane, at 20.00
Vip – 850 lei
Category I – 250 lei
Category II – 170 lei
Category III – 140 lei
Event details: One of the most popular American rock bands will promise not only experience but a high quality concert to impart deep into your souls.! Amy Lee will highlight songs that have devoted much appreciate the band! Evanescence has won numerous international awards and two Grammys.

When: 29-30 June  2017
Where: Arenele Romane, starting at 19.00
Tickets:  General access  – 170 lei
Vip – 220 lei
Event details: Albums that have had great success "Arise" (1991), "Chaos A.D." and "Roots" entered the heart of every lover of the genre, and songs such as "Roots Bloody Roots", "Arise", "Refuse Resist", "Ratamahatta", "Territory" and "Attitude" can be found in the playlist any fan of metal music for over 30 years. Festival aims to offer fans memorable moments and many other musical surprises!

When: 22 June  2017
Where: Piata Constitutiei, at  20.00
Tickets: Vip – 950 lei
Category  I – 750 lei
Category II – 550 lei
Category III – 450 lei
Category IV – 350 lei
Category V – 250 lei
Event details: Legendary tenor of the world will give us a show full of emotion! He will sing both opera repertoire, and his newest songs. The decor and special arrangements blend perfectly with the elegance of his music.

When: 27 May  2017
Where: Sala Palatului, at  19.00
Tickets: Vip – 270 lei
Ticket for kids under 12 years old – 216 lei
Category I – 152 lei
Category II – 120 lei
Category III – 96 lei
Category IV – 72 lei
Category V – 56 lei
Event details: A new concept that will make you enter a dream world! You will disconnect any problem using elaborate drawings and stories full of magic! And the background music column will introduce even more atmosphere Disney movies! The characters in "Frozen" will take the stage in front of you. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy moments that will not differentiate a real adventure!

When: 5-7 May 2017
Where: Romexpo, 00.00
Three days pass – 70 lei 
Event details: A great event for those who love TV shows, movies, games and comics. Visitors will be invited to enter a regional competition Gaming and try the latest games in a perfectly landscaped area. And those who want to transform into their favorite characters or participate in cosplay contest are waiting with open arms even great actors that you see them 5-7 May at Romexpo.

When: 4-7 May 2017
Where: Quantic Club, Bucuresti
Tickets: 90 lei
Event details:  An event that will make you experience the perfect combination of contemporary culture! Exhibitions, workshops, book launches, live music and symposiums. These are just some of the many surprises that will amaze you. The project aims at creating links between different forms of artistic expression.

When: 3-7 mai 2017
Where: Romexpo
Tickets: Categoria I VIP – 385 lei
Category II Premium – 301 lei
Category III – 217 lei
Category IV – low visibility -152 lei
Category V – 203 lei
Category VI – 154 lei
Category VII  low visibility -  142 lei
Category VIII low visibility – 108 lei
Category IX – 140 lei
Category X – 89 lei

When: 25th of April 2017
Where: Sala Palatului, at  20.00
Tickets:  VIP - 300 lei
Category  I – 200 lei
Category II – 140 lei
Category III – 90 lei
Category IV – 65 lei

When: 24 aprilie 2017
Where: Sala Palatului, ora 20.00
Tickets:  VIP – 260 lei
Category I – 220 lei
Category II – 180 lei
Category III – 150 lei
Category IV – 120 lei
Event details: Gregory Porter premiere concert in Romania, on April 24 at the Palace Hall at Jazz Night Out. He is the voice of his generation of musicians and first names in jazz world, the American singer has a personality the musical because it may cover different styles of music. From R & B, blues and soul and even gospel can all be covered by the true artist highly appreciated abroad. And not just mastery and transform the whole spectrum of gospel, blues, R & B and soul, but because he does in front of a heterogeneous audience, the musical preferences of the most diverse.

When: 20th of April 2017
Where: Sala Palatului, at 20.00
Tickets:  120 lei, 145 lei, 190 lei, 220 lei, 280 lei VIP ( prices  vary based upon the distance from the stage ).
Event details: The Bohemian and the classic meet in a concert expected by nostalgic lovers of these styles rare in music today. The band Pink Martini, founded in 1994, part of this area of Bohemia, its fans pieces of music vintage, sophisticated, cosmopolitan worthy of listening to tell the band members in the cafes of Paris or ports of Istanbul and Naples, on the beaches of Brazil or within an exceptional evenings. Currently, the band Pink Martini sings in 22 languages in opera halls, concert halls and at festivals. In 2014 the band Pink Martini has gone so Bowl Hall of Fame in Hollywood, and in Oregon Music Hall of Fame.

What: KINGS ON ICE – The Champions Return
When: 8th of April 2017, at 20.00
Where: Sala Polivalenta
Tickets:  VIP Loja - 420 RON
VIP - 386 lei
Category I - 301 lei
Category II - 225 lei
Category III - 148 lei
Category IV - 106 lei
Event details: '' The stars are competing on the ice! '. If it seems like the beginning of a story, well, really it is! Already beloved Kings on Ice show, the most experienced skaters compete in exercises on the ice, to the delight of spectators; will be held this year in April at the Polyvalent Hall. Among the real stars who will skate in the show include Evgeni Plushenko, designated as the greatest skater in history, the first figure skating Olympic champion in the history of female Russian Adelina Sotnikova and other famous of the field.

What: Concert AMADEO MINGHI Concert (live)
When: 4 April  2017
Where: Sala Palatului, at 19.30
Tickets: Golden VIP – 250 de lei
VIP – 200 de lei
Category I – 160 de lei
Category II – 120 de lei
Category III – 80 de lei
Event details: 'Bella Italia' closer to Bucharest! One of the most famous Italian composers and singers, Amadeo Minghi will perform at the Palace Hall 4th of April. The visit to Romania is part of its international tour to promote his new album 'The Compass E IL Cuore'. All of them are actually crowned the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the composer's artistic activity. It will be an evening filled with surprises! The opening concert will sing Gabriel Cotabita's famous hits, but the new songs! And the surprises do not end here...

What: BELCANTO – The Luciano Pavaroti Heritage
When: 28th of March 2017
Where : Sala Palatului, at 20.00
Event details: Bel canto is a thought concept of Luciano Pavarotti, but that the master has not managed to achieve it. "Foundation Luciano Pavarotti" in collaboration with "ArsLab / Sinfonica" to materialize the idea in a show of class wearing worldwide tenors, sopranos, baritones, mezzo-soprano, dancers and instrumentalists to make known his legacy Luciano Pavarotti, "The Luciano Pavarotti Heritage ".
Tickets: VIP - 350 lei
First Category- 250 lei
Second Category - 175 lei
Third Category - 100 lei

What: JOE LOVANO – Master of Saxophone
When: 25th of March 2017
Where : Radio Hall 

What: TUDOR GHEORGHE “Indragos44 fara noroc”
When: 21st of March 2017
Where: Sala Palatului, at 19.00
Event details:
A legend will sing  again on the Palace Hall! Master Tudor Gheorghe will fill our hearts with joy Romans who love both as a man and as an artist. With a special depth, Tudor Gheorghe put on music in recent decades known lyrics of longing and love. In 2017 on March 21, the master will '' recite music 'songs such as' au inebunit salcamii' 'or' 'Marine la nunta ta”, but true works and other known and loved.
Tickets: Golden VIP - 247 lei
VIP - 227 lei
First Category - 197 lei
Second Category - 167 lei
Third Category - 147 lei
Fourth Category- 107 lei

When: 16th of March 2017
Where: Hard Rock Café
Event details:  With 19 albums released countless clips and a number of prestigious awards in the music industry record, IRIS write pages of Romanian rock history over 35 years. March 16 they will take the stage of Hard Rock Café in the formula adored by fans over the years, namely: Cristi Minculescu (voice), Nelu Dumitrescu (drums), Valter Popa (guitar), Doru Borobeica (bass) and Relu Marin (keyboards).
Tickets: VIP - 79 lei (seated at the table in front of the stage)
General Access - 59 lei (table seated in the hall)
No reserved seat - 59 lei

What: RICHARD CLAYDERMAN concert with full orchestra
When: 8th of March 2017, at 20.00
Where: Sala Palatului

Tickets: VIP - 350 lei
First Category - 250 lei
Second Category - 200 lei
Third Category - 140 lei
Fourth Category – 99 lei
Event Details: The most successful pianist of all time, Richard Clayderman offers ladies  the best gift: a concert dedicated to them, with carefully selected pieces and many other surprises for an atmosphere of tenderness and romance. Richard Clayderman gives his public meeting in Romania  a thundering concert with an unprecedented production, on March 8 at the Palace Hall. The famous pianist will be accompanied on stage by members of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra.

When: 6th of March 2017, at 19.00
Where: Sala Palatului
Event Details: Delia is preparing another great concert for her fans! Beloved for her style as a maverick, but especially for his versatile voice to almost any kind of music, more often surprises its fans in recent years with such large-scale events. This year, the artist promises a real show for fans of all ages.

Tickets: VIP - 350 lei
First Category - 190 lei
Second Category - 145 lei
Third Category - 120 lei
Fourth Category - 100 lei
Fifth Category - 75 lei

When: 5th of March 2017
Where: Hard Rock Café
Event details: Joshua Radin became in a short time the composer's favorite of famous TV productions such as Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, American Idol, Cougar Town, One Tree Hill and House MD. The  most recent studio work of the artist, "Onward and Sideways "it was released in 2015 and was described by critics as" tasteful, delicate, and ineffably gentle "three characteristics that describe the accuracy Radin's unmistakable musical style.

Tickets:  VIP - 125 lei (table seated in front of the stage)
General Pass - 85 lei
No Seats - 85 lei

What: WEDINGS FAIR “Bride Guide”
Where: 3-5th of March 2017
Where: Romexpo
Event details: Wedding fair 'Bride Guide', comes this year in support of young people who barely walk the long way of life in two. Hundreds of exhibitors will compete in a fair  intending spouses that provide a variety of options for the unique event of their lives to look like detached from fairytales. The dresses, groom suits groom, made to the latest trends, to restaurant and elegant decorations, all can be admired and chosen course for future newlyweds in the fair.

What: ZAMFIR +100
When: 1st of March 2017, at 19.30
Where: Sala Palatului
Tickets: Golden VIP - 220 lei
VIP - 180 lei
First Category - 140 lei
Second Category - 95 lei
Third Category - 65 lei
Event details: The unique and unmistakable sound of pan flute maestro Gheorghe Zamfir hearing will delight lovers of beauty at the Palace Hall from March 1st! The master brings spring and  joy in the souls of those who over the years have loved, revered and applauded him. Zamfir 100, is a show that is part of a series of concert events of the Cultural Association Spectaculis, the project DESTINATION ROMANIA, dedicated to promoting the image of Romania and Romanian culture through music and interpretation at the highest level. The concert is addressed to the general public, with the participation of great Romanian artists.

What: ANDRA concert  “Love changes everything”
When: 25th of February 2017, at 20.00
Where: Palace Hall
Event details: ''Love Changes Everything!''. No, it is not the beginning of a story, but the title of the concert at the Palace Hall Andra is doing  for the second consecutive year. The artist loved by millions of fans even said that she wants to make a tradition of this event, which we fully focused on the Romanians. Those who love the artist can to listen to songs from early in her career, but also the latest. New for this year is the price discount charged for tickets purchased for children aged between 3 and 14 years.
Tickets: First Category - 250 lei
Second Category - 190 lei
Third Category - 150 lei
Fourth Category - 120 lei
Fifth Category - 90 lei
Sixth Category - 70 lei

What: KENNY GARRETT – “Do your dance”
When: 23rd of February 2017, at 20.00
Where: Sala Palatului
Event details: Bucharest will resonate under the suave sound of the saxophone! KENNY GARRET the beloved saxophonist will perform at the Palace Hall on February 23! Considered by the newspaper Washington City Paper as the most important saxophone alto of his generation, and by The New York Times' most admired saxophonist alto jazz after Charlie Parker, "Kenny Garrett won a Grammy Award  in the category" American post-bop jazz saxophonist and flutist. "

When: 17-19th of February 2017
Where: Soseaua Bucuresti-Pitesti, 44A
Event details:  Creativity and good results admired and rewarded! From apprentices up to high school, all have the opportunity to let their prized activities they perform successfully in school. All will be possible in the Bucharest School Fest 2017, an event created after an American model, however, done in private schools in the Bucharest.

When: 13th of February 2017, at 20.00
Where: Bucuresti National Theatre
Event details: Classical Ballet masters are coming to Romania! After touring the European Capitals of Culture, the show unique 'STARS BALLET GALA' arrive in Bucharest. It brings together stars of dance and conquers by soloists reputation and program diversity, composed of solos and pas-de-deux representative of reference works. You will have the opportunity to watch on stage some of the best artists of the works in Moscow, Berlin, Kiev and Dresden.
Tickets: You can purchase tickets form the Bucuresti National Theatre.

When: 11th of February 2017, at  22.00
Where: Arenele Romane
Event details: Markus Schulz is one of the most voted and loved DJs in America, being nominated several consecutive years, "America's Best DJ". In his mixes, the artist achieves a fusion of house and trance-progressive styles, considering this an important role in revolutionizing the scenes trace the USA. Since 2012, the artist began a successful collaboration with the extremely talented singer Adina Butar Romance. Her voice rang out on some of the most beloved songs of Schultz.

Tickets: You can purchase form
General access: 50 lei
VIP access 100 lei

When:3rd of February 2017 at 20.00
Where:Sala Palatului
Event Details: Symphonic  rock lovers pay attention in February! Tarja Turunen, a '' queen '' of this style of music will perform in Bucharest on 3 February. With an unmistakable voice and enviable stage presence, she won the hearts of millions of fans of rock and metal. Although in the past 2 years Tarja Turunen took a break from the shows rock, focusing more on the classical music, but also work in the studio, the soprano will return to the scenes of Romania's most beloved songs from the period who served as Nightwish singer and classical solo pieces that enjoys great popularity as "I Walk Alone", "the Reign" or "My Little Phoenix".
Tickets: you can buy tickets form and the prices are as follows:
VIP - 265 lei
First Category - 205 lei
Second Category - 155 lei
Third Category - 125 lei
Fourth Category - 95 lei







































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