The taste of old days

Passion, recipes and taste are all like in the past!

For us, health is the most precious! We choose our guests a balanced lifestyle, even on vacation.
How else would you want to play, always be productive and energetic? Guests know that Phoenicia consumes organic products from our own farm or grandparents garden!
You will discover a world very different from the everyday, new ways of living healthy. Our chefs will satisfy even the most refined tastes with a mix between the old taste, vegetables untouched by chemicals and special flavors of traditional preparations.

On vacation at grandma's
Romanian stuffed cabbage, stewed peppers with grandmother's chicken, beans with pork, cabbage, served with traditional bread only, steaming, freshly baked, are just a few of the recipes here.

Phoenicia Bioferm
Located in the village Sibioara, away from the noise in Constanta and Navodari cities, farm cultivate high yield seeds. The farm has four greenhouses with an area of 2,000 square meters, where we cultivate a outdoor hectare of organic vegetables for specific preparations of arabesque, a mushroom farm, and animals to ensure your meat: steers, lambs and 9000 chickens.
Also, the location houses 2,000 hens, and a wide range of oriental teas. The irrigation system is provided by social systems. 
Because you are our friends, we will share you a secret. Farmers treat our products as they learned from their parents and grandparents without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Everything they put in them are: love, water ... daily care. You will taste the authentic, old, juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, or the eggs. Thus you will have only the portions of food rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

You are welcome to taste them!



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