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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Phoenicia”? Most probably your mind thinks of tourism, hotels, maybe some of you will connect our company name to the idea of “all inclusive” packages, receptions or luxurious guestrooms. Well, as a matter of speaking, the last years have meant much more than that.

Our portfolio has been gradually enriched with new restaurants that easily became our guests’ favorite dining establishments. We are always prepared to make the best out of our guests’ lunch and dinner experiences. If our guests prefer a more eccentric atmosphere they can definitely opt for Mandaloun Restaurant or in case they want intimacy they will certainly find it in the Zarada Restaurant.

Giving the fact that our core values rely on the idea that every great business is created out of pure passion, in 2019 we have decided to take a step forward and open up the Brands’ War which can be defined as the largest standalone fashion outlet in Bucharest. Up to this moment we have two sites of this kind opened where you can find the biggest brands at the most affordable prices. We intend to extend this concept by having a third site opened in the near future, located on the Black Sea coast.

Speaking of the Black Sea, this year we will take a step forward into revitalizing the southern part of our seaside, and by this we mean bringing back to life the Hotel Complex Amphitheatre-Belvedere-Panoramic located in Olimp, which has been part of Phoenicia’s portfolio since 2016. Many of you may recognize this location as “The Pearl of the Romanian seaside” which has unfortunately suffered a process of architectural decay in the past years.

Our proposition for the future is to restore what was lost in time and provide the establishment’s with its true value by opening its doors again during the summer of 2020. The complete renovation of the building, that is taking place in the present time, together with the investment of approximately 15 million euros, will result to be one of the most ambitious projects of the Black Sea seaside region. The Hotel Complex will team up with another two nearby hotels, namely Hotel Olimp and Hotel Craiova, in order to become the largest 4 star resort in the southern part of the seaside. The complex will have a total of 3000 guestrooms and a total surface area of 85.000 square meters.