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Restaurants Majestic Mamaia

For us, the meal is a tradition.

Over the years, Majestic Mamaia has greatly expanded the catering, offering to its guests a choice of several restaurants.

Our restaurant is at the ground floor of the hotel, for having the breakfast in the Swedish style. The lunch is in the same restaurant or in the garden, also in the Swedish style. We prepare for you a complex menu compounds from: soups, cooked food, salads, appetizers, season vegetables, barbeque, steak, variety of cheese, season fruits,cakes, etc.

Dinner is served “a la carte” in the Majestic Garden, situated behind the complex, where the wealth of the trees and the scent of flowers will offer you a very welcomed coolness after some hot hours at the beach.

In the Majestic Garden you can choose one of the two restaurants with varied menus ,from the cook on the spit to ones from fish, prepared carefully by our chiefs.


Our restaurants have been specifically designed to meet the options all those who visit us.

Majestic's terrace Restaurant is the main restaurant where you will enjoy a wide range of dishes that will satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Spacious, is decorated in a traditional Romanian style, offering the possibility to serve outdoor breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fish lovers can indulge their senses with dishes carefully cooked to the highest standard in the fish restaurant located in Majestic's Garden. 

To complete the pleasure of taste, the food will be accompanied by a great variety of wines from the national and international winery.

"La Protap" Restaurant attracts you with the smell of rained chickens and sucking pig, with traditional dishes. A real temptation, a culinary explosion of authentic Romanian tastes.

You will not resist the urge to enjoy them.

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