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Phoenicia Holiday Resort has over 300 employees, of which a quarter are represented from people all around the world. Each of them will bring you joy and give their full interest so that the holiday you have chosen will be a complete success.  

It was not easy and we invested time for them to understand and apply our culture.

Because we have aroused your curiosity, we invite you to know a part of them.

Luminita Ganea Front Office Manager

The reception is the first and last impression on a hotel's guest who steps over our threshold in search of quality services. No pressure so far, right? :)

Vlad Vornic Sales Center Manager

We believe that quality is a feature that springs from within, this belief is the foundation of our success.

Elena Cosmina Zdrobis Marketing & Entertainment Manager

"The only constant thing in our lives is change", said Francois de la Rochefoucauld.

I practically apply this motto every day of my life, but no further than the working place.Tourism means new, creative and innovative changes. In a word, it means making a difference.

Marian Crivoi IT & C Manager

When you say IT people think of a rigid job and mechanics. Cables, wires, appliances, more buttons, programming, settings ... give us headaches in everyday life, right?

Alina Petrea Marketing - Social Media

“To be together is a beginning, to stay together is a progress, to work together is success”, said Henry Ford.

Daniela Lupu Economic Manager

My name is Daniela Lupu and my colleagues love me only twice a month: on the 10th and the 25th, when they receive their salary! :))) Yes, you understood well, I represent the Economic Department.

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