Planning an Event
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Corporate Events


From business meetings and conferences to cocktail receptions, Phoenicia Holiday Resort offers the ideal location and support needed for a successful event.

We believe in the power of a handshake and a sincere smile, we cherish the small details underlying any success, therefore each meeting will be treated with seriousness, professionalism and commitment to create an experience totally customized just for you.

If you plan this type of events, we are glad to know that we are your choice. We are looking for interested people which want to celebrate with us the most important and special meetings and moments of their lives. We are waiting for you to choose us for organizing your business meeting or conference, so much expected by you!

Spaces offered by the hotel

Babylonia summer theater is used as a conference room or as a location for corporate or private events, with a capacity of 200 seats, depending on the needs of each event.

Situated at the entrance of Phoenicia Holiday Resort, near Reception, Babylonia summer theater will delight you with...

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