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Phoenicia Holiday Resort has created an amazing concept that perfectly combines comfort and convenience for families with children. Enthusiastic staff provide children the opportunity to enjoy their own holiday, and parents the luxury to relax and have fun freely, as well.

Everything was prepared by the book for our guests. We ensure that you get the irresistible pleasures, during the entire holiday! You just need to make the right choice and enjoy the holidays.

Because we don't want for you to miss anything and because our greatest wish is for you to enjoy all the comfort of a successful vacation, Phoenicia Holiday Resort meets your needs and pleasures with a multitude of services that are included in your package holiday with a range of optional services, at a certain price, as well.

Is the perfect place for relaxation, even though you choose to enjoy the private sea or the swimming pools !

Through its concept, Phoenicia Holiday Resort wants to bring a smile on the kids face and happiness in their parents soul. Childhood’s period is the most important and special period, and this is why we want to offer some special moments for the children, with the special playgrounds, and also through the diversity of the sport fields, or through the magic moments created by the animated characters and by the special guests!

Swimming pools, interior river, playgrounds, restaurants, SPA facilities, parks – all of these being placed in an interior courtyard, unique in Romania! This are some of the elements that characterize the biggest investment from the Romanian tourism, with a great value that exceeds 20 million Euro !


It's perfect for when parents and children want to spend moments of closeness, having fun while walking with the boats available.

-  Length: 220 m

-  Width: 3 m

-  Height: 1.20 m

Enjoy the sun rays on a funny boat ride on  Ariel River !

Come and try it !

If you want to linger at the pool or to take a sunbath on the beach, we have prepared beds and umbrellas for unique moments of relaxation.

Aquagym sessions and a number of other exciting activities await you here.

- Length: 24 m

- Width: 16 m

- Height: 0.60 m

The healthiest type of sport is the one outdoor.

Our coaches and trainers at the sports center daily await for you to challenge and test your limits at football matches, handball, tennis, basketball or volleyball.

A space full of color and adventure, especially designed for our little guests. A place where every child finds happiness during the stay.

We take vacation from work? But what do you do when work does not want you to have a holiday when all you want is to enjoy your seaside stay?

Over 1,500 sunbeds for adults and children are provided free of charge, so you can enjoy the quiet hours of pleasant beach during your stay.

In the evening, parties will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.

Scuba diving, Zorba, dance classes, swimming lessons, Zumba, are just some of the activities that await for you at the Olympic pool, also heated at 27 degrees.

In the evening, the fun continues, because Calypso pool hosts the most successful pool parties at the seaside.

Every day can be special.

We have prepared several activities designed to relax the body and soul. Aerobics on the beach or pool, Kangoo Jumps, nutrition classes and diet experts in the field, zumba, pilates or dance classes are just some of them.

No matter the age, we love the colors! We are waiting for you at the Heartmade workshop, where the kids can enjoy the painting on canvas plaster and glass workshops, and also a variety of handmade gifts, made not only with the hands, but with the heart especially!

  • 8 swimming pools for children and adults
  • Kids Club
  • Sports complex with soccer field, tennis, volleyball, basketball
  • Cinema for children
  • Artistic program
  • animation team
  • Theatre for children and adults

"Mommy, Mommy, take my picture there! And there! And look there on the horse".

Here you get rid of the stress to take 100 shots a day because our photographers can take as many pictures as you want from dawn until dusk! "Smile please!" :)

Come with your little one to join our happy and colored club for living new, magic and unique moments.

Here children find fun, adventure, new friends and many activities designed to be educational and skill developmentduring the stay:

We have the solution for cold and wet summer days: an indoor pool, heated to 27 degrees.

Splashing must continue even if outside the sun has yet appeared !

- Length: 11.80 m

- Width: 7 m

- Height: 1.30 m - 2.80 m

The radio announces ... sun, fun and good mood!

Our editors keep you up to date with the hottest news about your holiday, gives information on leisure time, and the music chosen for you, fill you with energy!

Here the children have the opportunity to enjoy the slides, swings, seesaws or admire animals in Mini Zoo designed for their amusement during the stay.

The colored swings and slides, specially designed for kids, with its animals shapes, for sure will delight you!

Surely you forget something at home when you have done your luggage, right? Maybe sunscreen. Or your toddler's favorite hoop.

At Phoenicia we solve this problem, because we have designed for you a complex of shops, including a pharmacy.

Socco Hair Studio
Be spoiled in a stylish and professional place!
Your stay is much more than a holiday at the seaside.. it’s a special way to relax your body and brain, but also it’s your moment to be spoiled.

Here, guests who chose all inclusive packages can enjoy the range of drinks included in the package, from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

On Tropicana pool is located also the sauna, with a daily program from 10 a.m - 12 p.m. and 4 p.m - 6. p.m. 

- Length: 24m

- Width: 15 m

Because we celebrate love, we like to give and to receive love, Lovers Park "Laura" is the place for a romantic dinner or simply to spend a few moments with your partner, away from the noise of children.

Eight pavilions dedicated to love waits new declarations of love, including yours!

Children's theater, puppet theater, theater workshops and diction or dance classes, all waiting for the little ones to step into the world of childhood, the immortal stories and fairy tales during the stay.

It includes having fun for all ages.

Our animation team, made up of more than 50 people, is here to have fun and entertain.

Hot days by the sea invite you to frequent moments of refreshment and hydration. Therefore everywhere you'll find a bar or a cafe where you can have your favorite drinks.

You have more room in luggage for clothes and accessories, if you do not take beach towels, which occupy a lot of space.

And no, you need to buy more once we get to us. Towels Center will provide daily beach and pool towels.

It is constantly heated to a minimum 27 degrees. Slide arranged inside it are the highlight for children who will not want to come out of the water.

-  Length: 68 m

-  Width: 9 m

-  Height: 0.75 m - 1.30 m

After a hearty meal, a swimming session in Sarago's pool will do wonders for your body.

- Length: 12 m

- Width: 7m

- Height: 1.10 m - 2.10 m

Only here you find magical evenings, because no night is like the other.

We will prepare themed parties, more or less entertaining, thrilling and unforgettable, that will delight all our guests. Our team's imagination has no limits.

From the first rays of sunlight in the Spring we dream of a family vacation in which to relax and get away from everyday problems.

Only when it's time for schedules, many parents are concerned that their kids could make them have issues during the stay.

Free parking! With us you can have it! And you have more than 500 parking spaces inside Phoenicia Holiday Resort.

So you can stay with us without worring about your car, because we will treat it like other of our guests!

  • 4 restaurants à la carte with different cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean, Italian and international
  • Coffee bar with lounge area
  • Pool bars
  • Shopping complex
  • Conference room
  • Pharmacy
  • Horse riding
  • Socco Hair Studio

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