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Children's clubs


We want Phenicia Holiday Resort, Phenicia Luxury and Phenicia Royal complex to work together, and so all our guests  benefit from exceptional facilities, according to their age and, of course, desires! Because our first project  - Phenicia Holiday Resort -  is for the family segment and  children's activities have been specially concentrated there, we decided that all the little ones s could take part in them, regardless of the location in which, along with parents, spend their vacation.

We are preoccupied with the good mood of the little ones, but we pay special attention to educational activities.

Happy Colors, one of the most beloved children's playgrounds, is located within the Phoenicia Holiday Resort, on the ground floor of JAD building. It is one of the indoor play areas where the kids can entertain themselves freely , under the supervision of our authorized staff. Film, drawing, interactive games - are just some of the activities that will attract the attention and interest of the kids! We'll make sure they're safe with us!

Creative workshops, located on the right side of the main access path to the beach, next to the children's pool Cleo is another area that is particularly successful among Phoenicians. You’ve told us that you want for the little ones to relax on vacation, but at the same time to learn new things. We have adapted to the requirements and created a whole area where education plays through play!

See VIDEO (Cluburi pentru copii)

From the first rays of sunlight in the Spring we dream of a family vacation in which to relax and get away from everyday problems.

We want Phenicia Holiday Resort, Phenicia Luxury and Phenicia Royal complex to work together, and so all our guests  benefit from exceptional facilities,

Hot days by the sea invite you to frequent moments of refreshment and hydration.

Romantic, private and full of love stories!

It includes having fun for all ages.

Surely you forget something at home when you have done your luggage, right? Maybe sunscreen. Or your toddler's favorite hoop.

How would a vacation without sport look like? Certainly would be a smooth one, but this is not what doctors teach you to do.

Only here you find magical evenings, because no night is like the other.

You have more room in luggage for clothes and accessories, if you do not take beach towels, which occupy a lot of space.

We know that the sea waves make you happy and that spendind time on the beach is a true blessing, but we also have created a lot to alternative for spendi

The hotel offers direct acces to a large private beach, well maintained and with fine sand, that will give you long tanning sessions and moments full of relaxation, accompanied by the sound of waves which break at the shore.

More than 600 sunbeds are provided free of charge.

Because it is essential to feel at home into the Phoenician family, the Food and Beverages area from Phoenicia Royal hotel has also snack-bar’s on each fl

We take vacation from work? But what do you do when work does not want you to have a holiday when all you want is to enjoy your seaside stay?

 You have shared with us in time your views on lifestyle, comfort, well-being, but especially health.

The unconventional and exclusive design, together with the unique location, right next to sea, make from the hotel's outdoor swimming pool one of the most beautiful on the Romanian coast.

Recommended for adults and children also, the pool is perfect for hot summer days.

We want you to enjoy during your vacation with us healthy vegetables and products.

The radio announces ... sun, fun and good mood!

 What can be more enjoyable that on  hot summer days  spent on the seashore you have the opportunity to enjoy a green and cool oasis in which you can rela

"Mommy, Mommy, take my picture there! And there! And look there on the horse".

A day spent at Phoenicia is full of various activities that most certain will transform into sweet memories.
  • 4 restaurants à la carte with different cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean, Italian and International
  • Coffee bar with lounge area
  • Pool bars
  • Shopping complex
  • Conference room
  • Pharmacy
  • 9 pools for children and adults
  • Sports facility with soccer field, tennis, volleyball, basketball
  • Cinema for children
  • Artistic program

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