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“Once the sea caught you in his story, is maintaining you in her miracle network forever” -  Jacque Yves Cousteau

144 spacious rooms and apartments, with extraordinary views that you can admire while you are sitting in the jacuzzi installed inside the room. The sea and the lake are waiting for you to admire them from the spacious balcony.

Four restaurants are offering you the opportunity to choose from more than 100 diverse dishes every day.

Phoenicia Royal is more than a luxury hotel. It is a story! It is a feeling! The warm and welcoming colors, together with the best materials are creating the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable holiday!

You will find here everything you need to be happy! Here is the place where you will be spoiled and also here you will recharge your batteries. We offer you so many options. Do you prefer Italian, Romanian, international or lebanese cuisine? It is your choice!

Do you want to spend the night at a beach, clubbing or attending a festival? We have everything you wish. Do you want to feel the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mamaia or do you want to drink a cocktail on a comfortable sunbed next to the swimming pool? Phoenicia Royal is the best destination for your holiday!

The nice surprises are not stopping here! Join Phoenicia’s family and get ready for the most wonderful experience from the history of your holiday! 

Come here and write your story! Come here to share the happiest moments of your life!

Phoenicia Royal guest can enjoy all the facilities and services PHOENICIA HOLIDAY RESORT

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