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The pampering is maximum!

Welcome to the world of flavors you could only dream of.

“The gastronomy is the art to use the food for creating happiness!“ - Theodore Zeldin

A happy mind in a healthy body!

In the restaurants from the hotel you will find a variety of over 100 types of dishes every day. Here, every culinary craving you have is going to be satisfied!

The chefs are well known for their abilities and because they are capable to create authentic works of art!

The secret ingredient that makes the difference is every piece of soul that we put in our food.

Maybe one night you’ll want to eat Lebanese food, maybe another one you will want to try something Mediterranean or maybe international; or why not something Italian? You have all this cuisines inside of the Phoenicia Royal Hotel! 

Gastronomy…the spice of life….

Coffee break on each floor creates a big advantage!

It doesn’t matter what hour you will be awake because the fresh orange juice, coffee and croissants and a lot more snacks are going to be available for our clients, each morning, on each floor.

Organic products

Phoenicia Royal is taking care of your health! Everything is natural and really tasty. The dishes made with a lot of love are accompanied by a relaxing atmosphere from our restaurants. At Phoenicia Royal every dish is art, so this is the reason why we transform our guests in artists.

Will make your holiday be a true culinary feast, a celebration of different tastes and flavors.

The hotel's main restaurant has a capacity of 160 seats inside and 110 seats on the terrace.

Let yourself be spoiled by the culinary art of the new restaurant from Phoenicia Royal! 

The culinary art and the modern architecture contributes at your pampering! Framed in a relaxing atmosphere, the restaurant of the hotel provides you more than 100 dishes every day! 

At Bocca Lupo, you have to arrive just for admiring its decor,and you won’t leave until you will taste from the very delicious food, specially pasta! 

Even if you choose to enjoy a delicious pizza or a sophisticated seafood dish, the atmosphere will be a perfect one.

A white or red wine, slightly aerate or not, will go just fine with anything you order and will turn any night into a special one.

Has 150 seats and also a pool.

Is Phoenicia Holiday Resort 's main restaurant, but our guests can also serve here breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepared in Swedish buffet.

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