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We like to believe that, year after year, season after season, Phoenicia has a positive impact on everything that Romanian tourism means. Whether we are talking about leisure tourism or business, we have always found the ways and means to go the extra mile, so that we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors in such a dynamic market. If we were to take a look at the times when Phoenicia's Touch made its presence felt, we can discuss some of the activities that our seaside team has put together for guests crossing our threshold summer after summer.

So, whether we talk about our notorious foam pool parties, epic water fights, the folk evenings organized around the campfire or about the pleasant morning surprises when our fitness trainers invite the people on the beaches to take part in a short morning exercise routine, in the end all the enumerated activities are a trademark of Phenicia Summer. Additionally, the summer season comes with a special focus on families with children who decide to spend their holidays on the Black Sea coast. Therefore, we dedicate our time to organize fun activities for the little ones, such as Miss and Mister Junior or show nights with special guests that are usually your children’s favorite characters. For example, in the summer of 2019 “Gasca Zurli” performed for the first time at the Phoenicia Holiday Resort. In the future we intend to continue our collaborations with peers that bring joy to our little guests.

As far as our Bucharest locations are concerned, we knew that we would always have to come up with special ideas in order to win your heart. Therefore, year after year in our hotels, we organized events designed to gather people together. Events such as “The Harvest day” held in the beginning of the autumn season or “Exhibitions of the most skilled craftsmen” held on Romania’s National day, taught us that Phoenicia’s guests deserve our attention to detail, in order for this family to grow bigger in time.

We wanted to be able to impress in the other businesses, so we managed to surprise you in the restaurant area. If in Mandaloun we often have oriental themed parties with live music and professional dancers, at Zarada Restaurant, we like to have you regularly with us for refined wine tastings.

Finally, we want to take advantage of the power of words in order to take you on a journey around the world of shopping. Giving the fact that Brands’ War, the largest standalone Fashion Outlet in Bucharest is part of the Phoenicia family since 2019, we can be proud to say that this aspect is another gift from our company to our beloved guests. It often happened for those who passed our threshold to be offered a glass of champagne, or to have the chance to take part in live fashion shows. On the other side, we also focused our attention on children, so we set up, to the smallest detail, various workshops for the little ones, thus managing to give parents the chance to channel their attention to shopping, while their children were crafting wonderful creations in a secure environment.